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Winter 2011


Da-Jin with a 5th grade student in Ninglang.


IMG_0009.jpgStudent dormitory in Ninglang.  There are anywhere from 1 to 3 students for each bed in the winter, because of the large number of students boarding at the school.


IMG_0015.jpgDa-Jin with a middle school student in Hong Qi Zhong Xue.


IMG_0016.jpgClassroom in Ninglang.


IMG_0018.jpgDa-Jin with a student in her junior year of high school at Ninglang Yi Zhong Xue.


IMG_0019.jpgDa-Jin with a ninth grade student in Ninglang Min Zu Zhong Xue.


IMG_0029.jpgDa-Jin eating lunch with seven high school students and one elementary student in Ninglang.


IMG_0037.jpgDa-Jin with the same students from above and a local leader who assists the foundation in finding students in need of help.


IMG_0022.jpgDa-Jin with an 8th grade student in Lang Ou Zhong Xue.


IMG_0003.jpgA 6th grade elementary school student in Ninglang holding a music box given to her by one of the foundation's donors.


IMG_0008.jpgDa-Jin with a student in her junior year of high school in Kunming.


IMG_0014.jpgDa-Jin with a student in her first year in Kunming, Yunnan studying to be a teacher.

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