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June 16, 2012


Dear Friends,

I am happy to tell you that this past year the foundation received nearly $15,000 in donations with $13,000 going directly to support our students and an additional $2,000 donated towards a development fund for the foundation, with the goal of seeking additional funding through larger organizations that help fund non-profits.  Much of the $13,000 was from several large one-time donations, so we will need to work even harder this year to reach the same level of funding.  Through these generous donations and others over the years we have been able to increase the number of children supported through the foundation to 39 children in 2012, which is nearly 4 times the original number of children receiving support in 2008!

This past March, I returned from China after meeting with students and local government officials in Yunnan Province (Ninglang and Kunming).  Every year, I try to meet with as many of our students as possible to ensure that they are doing well and to encourage them to continue working hard in school.  As the number of students supported through the foundation has grown, this has become more challenging because the students are spread out over different counties and schools.  Therefore, we have decided to slowly work towards consolidating our efforts by focusing on a single school per county or province, rather than multiple schools.  This will be a slow process, because we want to ensure that all students currently receiving support through the foundation continue to receive that support as long as they are in school and in need of our support.

In addition, we are considering expanding our efforts in China to also help deaf blind, and mute students by creating a home where they can live and work after finishing school, because prejudices and competition mean that many of them are unable to find meaningful work after graduation.  As these efforts progress, I will continue to keep you updated.

Thank you all for your continued support towards the success of the foundation.  The work we are doing is essential in the lives of the students we are supporting, and without your help none of this would be possible.


Da-Jin Sun, President

16 June 2012



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